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Rankin/Bass’ The Return of the King (1979)

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Long before Peter Jackson gave us his vision of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, the animation company of Rankin/Bass, who some might remember best for many stop animation TV holiday specials, gave us their version of The Return of the King. While this story focused mostly on Frodo (Orson Bean) and Sam (Roddy MacDowell) in their quest to destroy The One Ring, the other parts of the story were not forgotten. We see Gandalf (John Huston) and Pippin (Casey Kasem) as they deal with the orc invasion of Minas Tirith and Denethor’s (William Conrad) insanity brought on by the palintir. We delight in the alliance of Rohan and Gondor when King Theoden (Don Messick) brings the troops to aid in the defense of Gondor’s once shining city. It all starts as a story-song told by the Bard of Gondor (Glenn Yarbrough) as he tells Gandalf, Lord Elrond, Bilbo and the other Hobbits in the Fellowship of “Frodo of the Nine Fingers”. This story is more condensed than the big screen version, and was made as a children’s television movie to be played on Thanksgiving Day weekends back in the late 70s.