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The Microbie Story

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

The Microbie Story is a colourful spin on the old classic strategy game, Othello. In this version, we have a scientist that has been experimenting with various mircobes, and one day, somehow, an evil spirit takes over a new virus, and infects the whole of the lab. One lone bacterium has not been infected, and it is up to that little bug to clean up all the others and bring the lab back to the way it was. The Microbie Story is really fun and fast-paced, and will give you a good laugh from time to time. The bright colours are a bit hard to take visually, and the sound can be a little irritating after some time, but the gameplay is worth the little problems. If you like games like Othello and Go, then The Microbie Story is made especially for you. It’s a fun and cute variation on a theme, and includes little tools like bombs and relocators that the classic games don’t have. Slip on by the lab, and see what’s cooking in the beakers and test tubes in The Microbie Story.


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FunFactor: ★★☆☆☆ 

Lucid means something that is clear and easy to understand. This game is clearly flawed. It is a simple puzzle game where one takes out blocks of clear coloured cubes from a grid but marking a trail through them, in a fashion similar to Boggle, but there are no words or letters involved. It seems pretty simple. There is a task bubble, and in that bubble is the colour if the next block you are supposed to take out. Sometimes it can be just two, or sometimes it can be four, or more. The frustrating thing is this; if you cannot take all of the blocks out of the same colour by using your trail, the entire area will not be taken out. If there is a stray block here or there that you cannot catch while drawing your trail through the blocks, then that set of blocks stays there until you come to a point that by taking out other blocks of different colours, you might be able to get to your task colour. If you do come to the point where there are no more moves, GAME OVER. There are lots of great casual puzzle games out there, and Lucid looks pretty amazing, with its bright colours and great graphics, but the frustrating gameplay makes Lucid far from being clear.