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2 Tasty Too

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This little hidden object game was a bit different. We were also dealing with time management, and ended up with sort of a free bonus cookbook in the process. This is the sequel to 2 Tasty, which will be the next review I do. While I’m sort of coming in in the middle of the backstory of the tale of Libby and Cole, that part of the game is sort of distracting to the main plot. Every time I was pulled out of the game, and into this filmstrip tale of a possible romantic triangle, I found myself wanting to skip through to get back to the game itself. Now for the game, at first, I was having a little trouble with the mechanics of it. It is a hidden object game, but there are no logic puzzles, and this is no mystery. It is merely a hunt down the ingredients to make tasty treats for your customers, and get them out before they lose patience, much like in many time management games.