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What HFCS takes away, and why they are so important:Magnesium

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Another very important mineral that is depleted by altered corn sugars is Magnesium (Mg). According to /, Magnesium deficiency can lead to:
Common conditions such as mitral valve prolapse, migraines, attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, asthma and allergies have all been linked to a Mg deficiency. Perhaps not coincidentally, these conditions also tend to occur in clusters together within the same individual. A magnesium deficiency as a root cause would provide a logical explanation of why some people suffer from a constellation of these types of problems. There other various symptoms that are similar to that which are cited along with the loss of copper and chromium as well, like diabetes, ADD, and asthma. Now is a perfect time to take advantage of the winter squash treats that are rich in magnesium. Enjoy the annual salty taste of roasted pumpkin, acorn, and butternut squash seeds for a great magnesium boost. Brazil nuts, and quinoa are rich in MG, and are available all year long. There are many ways to enhance your diet with Mg rich foods. This list,