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Beastmaster 3: The Eye Of Braxus

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Beast Master 3 and The Eye Of BraxusThe first Beastmaster was great and I think actually better then Conan the Barbarian. Then you had Beastmaster 2 through the portal of time, should have been called Beastmast 2 thrown out the window and told to fly. Then we have Beastmaster 3 and the eye of Braxus. Well it was better then the second film but not as good as the first and where the hell was Roo?!?!

Beastmaster 3 and The Eye Of Braxus stars the talents of Marc Singer, Tony Todd, Keith Coulouris, Sandra Hess, Casper Van Dien (from Starship Troopers) and was directed by Gabrielle Beaumont. I feel sorry for Gabrielle, they didn’t give them enough of a budget to really do justice to this film. The film does have a great plot but too much focus was done on fly overs and trying to make everything dirty yet keeping Sandra Hess spotless. I wonder if the film was more for her benefit or that of the rest of the cast.