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Sniglet of the Day : January 29

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Sniglet Of The DayBrakenoia (Brak e noia) (v) The act or urge of stepping on the brake on the passenger side of the car

Brakenoia is something most us have experienced at one time. If you happen to catch a ride in a car with a bumpersticker that reads “Get in – Sit Back – Shut Up – Hang on”, you will most likely have had brakenoia in the past. This usually occurs when you are riding with a speed demon who has a lead foot. You will look for some kind of bar or strap on the passenger side of the car, most commonly known as the “Oh, Shit!” bar, and once you are on the highway with this racing maniac, the brakenoia will take over. You will often find yourself pressing on this imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side, as if maybe the imaginary one might work better than the real one does. The reason why you are pressing on this imaginary pedal is because your insane driver seems to have forgotten that there is one in his are. You wonder if you will be travelling through time when he passes 88 MPH, and that when the trip is over, and you happen to land in the past about 24 hours before your trip began, you might be tearing parts out this guy’s car engine to prevent what could be your future death, if not from the car accident, but from a heart attack from pure fear from happening. Be careful where you go and who get rides from, because that brake pedal is not really there. Let’s just hope the airbags are.