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Come on Back to the Dead Hungry Diner

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With some places, you just can’t seem to get enough of a good thing, and that’s what keeps fans of the first project of Black Market Games coming back to the Dead Hungry Diner. The further you get along in this cute time management game, the more surprises happen, and you encounter new monsters that you might find soon sound like those things that you run across every day. Are those mourning doves cooing in the dawn or are those banshees asking for seconds on brainberries?

We even get a special treat when the Man with No Tan, Mr. Grimm becomes addicted to the food of the…. death gods? Well, death is about the most neutral thing out there, whether you are carbon or silicon-based, you will eventually meet with Mr. Grimm, but Gabe and Gabby are doing their best to keep him and the rest of the crew happy while trying to figure out what their one enemy, Vanda Helsing is up to. Does their big green buddy, Frankie, know some secrets? Does he have a secret crush on the bold blonde that is out to crush our magickal teen twins lucrative business?