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Sniglet of the Day: November 11

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Sniglet Of The DayBoomerangst : The unrelieved dissatisfaction of those born during the Baby Boomer era, wherein the situation they brought upon themselves and others – no matter how hard they attempt to rid themselves of it – comes back to smack them in the ass. Hard.

There is so much angst, and it comes at every direction. Teen angst, celebrity angst, angst in your pants, but no one really talks about the boomerangst. Maybe they get enough of it in the media with all the commercials for “enhancements”, but they still can hear the ringing in their ears from too many concerts, demonstrations and other “outings”. Some might have gone right-wing, but they still have nightmares from that one time they got hold of some “tea” that might have been a little too strong, or that morning glory extract that might have been a bit too ripe. Maybe it might be time to give into that old Haight-Ashbury feeling and join the kids at OWS, and teach them how a protest is really done. In giving in to the “Man” you used to hate, Boomers, you may have doomed us all. If not, then Power to the People! We had it in the 90s, we could have it again!