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Pizza Frenzy

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Pizza Frenzy
FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

The game is fast-paced filled with twists and turns as you work for the Stromboli family’s up a growing pizza business as a deliverer. You meet the family, Lorenzo, the man with the mission and the recipes, and head of the family. Lisa, who shows you the ropes, Paula, who cooks the books, and Niccolo, who keeps finding newer and faster ways for you to deliver pizza depending on the terrain and climate in where your new stores open up. The customers in Pizza Frenzy are varied and kooky, some can help you, and some can hurt you. The better you get at making combination orders, that is, getting the several of the same kind of order in a row, the more you can pick up of that one particular type. Your allies are the movie star, who gives big tips for fast delivery, the gossip, who raves so much about the pizza she just received that everyone else will want to get it, too. Get her order first. Another is the bank manager, who will gather your tips for you, so you can concentrate on dropping off deliveries and taking orders. And there is the Zen monk, who will slow time down for you so that you can work easier. Your enemies are the thief, who will trick you if you send the order in, and steal your tips.

Review: Luxor: 5th Passage

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Luxor: 5th Passage is another in the series of the fast-paced marble popper game with a great Egyptian theme that just keeps getting better and better. There are even more kinds of bonus marbles to help you along the way on your journey along the Nile this time. The bonus levels have a “Galaga” theme to them, and there are more intense graphics than before. I have enjoyed the Luxor games for years, and Luxor: 5th Passage is a great addition to the series. I encourage everyone who loves marble poppers to try them all. Use the power ups like Stop, Scorpion, and Colour Bomb to help you blast through all the marbles for hours on end in this addictive game, and then try its prequels. Mumbo Jumbo came out with the first Luxor years ago, and they are all casual game classics. Just when you think Luxor can’t get any better, they give us something even more fun and surprising. I was a little disappointed when my trial time came to an end, because I wanted to continue, but I’ll definitely give this game a purchase.