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007: Agent Under Fire

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

007: Agent Under Fire is a good game for the PS2. This game is the first Bond game for PS2 and this game uses the Quake III engine. There 3 problems with this game. #1 is Bond himself, #2 is the controls, and #3 is the fact of the sound of the game.

The first problem was Bond isn’t like the other ones from the movies. This one looks like he came out of one the Superman and he doesn’t sound like Bond himself. When you play the game, he looks Superman without his powers. I don’t know this voice actor, but he does did a okay job for Bond. Problem #2 is the controls run like the Bond game from the N64. I don’t know why EA had to put old controls on this game. For N64 yes, but for PS2, no. You can change the controls in this game. I had found the controls that look like those from Halo. So, I used it instead, and it helped. Now for problem #3. Problem #3 is the fact if you do something cool, you get to hear the theme song over and over again. It was really annoying. I didn’t turn it off, but you deal with it.