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Pixar’s The Incredibles (2004)

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Pixar movies never miss their mark, and the 2004 movie, The Incredibles, is most definitely a hit. This amazing movie about a superhero family trying to live life on the down low after a series of legal problems has sent those who have superpowers into hiding is a great roller coaster ride. Mr. Incredible, Bob Parr, is known for his super strength. His wife, Helen, has a super elastic body that can mold into almost any kind of shape. They have three kids, Dash, who has the gift of super speed, and Violet, who can go invisible and create force fields. The youngest is Jack-Jack, who is just a baby, but turns out to biggest surprise of them all.

Back in the day, Bob was the ultimate superhero, and it seemed there was nothing he could not do, from rescuing a cat in a tree while stopping bank robbers, to shaking off a crazed young fan while trying to stop a train wreck. Not long after this, Bob’s life does a complete turn-around when a man he rescued from a suicide attempt sues him for causing him an injury. Other superheroes are also hit with lawsuits, and a witch hunt goes out on all superheroes in the country.