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Robots : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Sometimes you come across a movie soundtrack that is more fun than the movie it came from. While this movie great, the soundtrack features such a varied list of genres, you really won’t know which track to try first. On Robots: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, there is pop, hip-hip, soul, alternative, and even some experimental music from The Blue Man Group. It is hard to believe that there are only thirteen tracks on this list, considering how diverse the list is. It is great for dancing, partying, or just chilling. The tracks are upbeat, and they just make you want to move. So much high energy music is the perfect backdrop for a great family movie, even if some of the songs aren’t so family friendly, like Chingy’s “Right Thur”, or Fatboy Slim’s “It’s a Wonderful Night”. If you are able to see the extras on the DVD, you can actually watch the recording of “Robot City”, which appears on the list as just one song, but actually done in parts in the movie itself. The finale song of James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing” can’t be a much better choice as we get to see all the robots dancing together in Rodney Copperbottom’s hometown in styles that are just as varied as this sound track is. If you are the type of music lover who wants it all, because you just can’t choose a certain genre to follow, then this is your kind of soundtrack.

Robots : You can shine no matter what you’re made of.

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This movie about a young dreamer from a small town is fun and inspiring, as well as cute and funny. It’s the perfect formula for a family film, even if all the characters are Robots.

The movie opens in Rivet Town, where Herb Copperbottom (Stanley Tucci) is dancing through the streets on his way home from work because he is expecting a huge delivery. When Mrs. Copperbottom (Dianne Weist) tells him he missed the delivery, but that making the baby is the best part, they start building something that is going to change their lives and many other lives in ways they never knew possible. What they build is Rodney Copperbottom, a young idealist with a knack for inventing. His idol is Big Weld (Mel Brooks), an entrepreneur who won’t turn down anyone who submits an invention to him, because he believes in progress, and that there are too many needs going unfulfilled in his city. His motto is “See a need, fill a need.” Rodney keeps this thought with him as he grows up. When graduation arrives, Rodney wants to leave Rivet Town. Rodney (Ewan MacGregor) knows that he can invent great things to help his family, and since his idol, Big Weld, has never turned anyone down, he is going to Robot City to show Big Weld one of his inventions, and make his mark in the industry.