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Saints Row: The Third

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Saints Row: The Third is kind of like GTA, but even better. Saints Row: The Third has lots of action, blown up cars, getting cool weapons, lot of sexiness, and even more. This game blows GTA, Skyrim, and even Fallout 3, away. You are not fighting dragons, out in the wasteland, or playing a main character. In this game, you can make character and have fun playing the game. My character is a Japanese anime girl. She is a pretty good to play. The voice actor remind me of Rayne from BloodRayne.

This is the first Saints Row game that I played in the series. I heard this game is right after Saints Row 2. This game has mini games, main missions, and side missions. This game will take you a long time to beat. Yes, this game is open world. There is one thing weird about this game. some times, you have to use a giant sex toy to beat people with. Yes, you will run into alot of sex toys in this game. This game does have some funny parts, but most of it is action.

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

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Well, she’s back, the world’s most famous dhamphir, the splatter artist whom has become the crush of many a young adult male gamer over the years, Rayne. Lara Croft might have resources, but she doesn’t have experience, nor does she have director Uwe Boll making her movies. This is his third time around, casting Natassia Malthe, the same Rayne as from the second Bloodrayne, and we are in a new place and time. 1943, Eastern Europe, and the Nazis are holding their grip on everything. Rayne is part of a resistance cell that raids Nazi trains for weapons to fight against them with. Right as a new shipment comes through some small forest town in southern Poland, Commandant Ekart Brand (Micheal Pare’) has personally come down to check on this shipment, but Rayne’s team takes on the Nazi guards in their bloodletting style. Rayne is well into her slice and dice style, and when she comes upon the commandant, she takes him down with a sharp metal pole through his gut. This would be all well and good, but Rayne slips up and gets a craving for blood, and drinks from the dying commandant. When they open the train cars, they find not weapons, but Jews that are to be shipped to the death camps. They bring these new people with them, in hopes of getting them safe, and their lives go back to business as usual. What Rayne does not know is her quick feast has turned the commandant into a dhamphir.