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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Blood: Full Uncut Version by GT Interactive is an old DOS game from the late 90’s that you will like. This game is nothing about the anime called Blood Plus or the movie, Blood: The Last Vampire. This game is diffent from those two and it isn’t a Japanese game.

This game is about a man named Caleb. Caleb don’t give a damn about anyone but except killing his master. His master has taken everything away from him including his life. Now he is getting his revenge from having his friends taken away, including his lover. Now he going to kill him. Caleb is an insane person and he loves to kill. When I’m playing as him, I don’t kill the people in this game. I just kill the monsters or people who have guns that are trying to kill me. The gameplay runs like Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D came out before this game. I’m thinking this game is using the Duke Nukem 3D engine. If the gameplay runs like Duke Nukem 3D, than this game is using the Duke Nukem 3D engine. The graphics look like Duke Nukem 3D, but better. The game looks more clear and the keys you pick up look 3D.

Blood The Last Vampire (2009)

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This film will blow you away with all the special effects and wild martial arts moves that the actors do in this film. This action packed film could be called a precursor to the anime Blood+ that has become so popular. We get to see Saya as one bad ass fighting machine that has only one goal and that is to kill all the vampires that she can and destroy the Onigen, the oldest vampire of them all.

This is an adaptation fro the anime movie of the same name and is said to be a fair representation of that film. I can not say whether it is or not as I have yet to see that one but if the anime is even half as good as the one I am now reviewing you can be sure that I will be finding it for consumption. In this film Saya is sent undercover into a high school on Yokota Air Base in Japan to flush out what they believe is a vampire invasion there. During her very brief time there she saves the base generals daughter, kills her attackers and takes out the leader of the coven on the base. During one hell of an epic blood splattering battle she is injured and Alice, the generals daughter, saves her from certain destruction and helps her see that she in not a monster but is indeed human.