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Mischief (1985)

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While watching this movie for the second time in 26 years…. 1986, has it really been that long? I heard a soundtrack that reminded me of my father’s collection of 50’s 8-track tapes, which was not so bad. The fact that this movie was set in Ohio in 1956 sort of hit home. That was the time my own parents were growing up in Ohio. This movie has many of the stereotypes from the 50s, the bouncy skirts and saddle shoes (whoever thought up that ugly fashion disaster?), the rolled up blue jeans, big cars, doo-wop music, and big guys on campus who thought they could own anything in their small part of the world. There was even the greasy-haired rebel with the motorcycle. All it seems to be missing was an espresso-sipping beatnik spouting bad poetry while snapping his or her fingers to some smooth jazz.