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Sniglet of the Day: November 10

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Sniglet Of The DayBlivett (blih’ vit) – v. To turn one’s pillow over and over, looking for the cool spot.

No matter if the weather is hot or cold outside, for some reason, when we try to sleep, we tend to find ourselves blivetting off and on through the night. Why is it such a comfort to have a cool spot next to you face when it is below zero weather outside? One would think to keep something warm next to you would make you feel better. We don’t seem to mind when the heat from the body of a partner or even a pet is next to us. For some reason, we still have to blivett to get to sleep. We can avoid blivetting by using some light sleep aids or allergy medicines, or even alcohol to drift us into dreamland, but sometimes we might even give into the urge to blivett then. As long as we have those fiberfilled pouches of linen under our heads, we are going to blivett. We just can’t help it.