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Sniglet of the Day : May 8

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foxymoron (fok’sie-mor’on’) (n.) A member of the opposite sex blessed with beauty and cursed with stupidity, whose presence causes contradictory feelings of attraction and repulsion.

This is the season for many outdoor activities where people might run into foxymorons. Beach season, wedding season, barbeque season, no matter what, people are looking to hook up, and there are many foxymorons lurking around out there. They are the kind of people who might look bright, with their charisma and good looks, but once they actually speak, it’s all downhill from there. Foxymorons are usually young, very pretty to look at, but tend to do some things that average people just don’t understand. Foxymorons are commonly found at Spring Break parties along many of the Southern coastlines, or desert lake regions. Not all foxymorons outgrow their curse with age. For some, wisdom never comes, but beauty becomes more refined and distinguished. Sadly, their lack of intelligence still kicks in, and even sadder, is that so many foxymorons slide by on their great looks, that they get away with so much. Why are we cutting these blessed and cursed people a break? Because they won a genetic lottery when the looks where handed out? Maybe more research is needed to find out why, but don’t let the foxymorons know.