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BioShock: Infinite

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

BioShock: Infinite was a great game that I enjoyed. This game set in the sky instead of under the sea. The graphics and gameplay have been improved alot. The graphics looks more detailed and has brighter colors on the PC. When you play the PC, it looks like a PS4 game. I had been playing the console version, and it looks muddy and low res. The gameplay on the other is fantastic.

I like the gameplay better than anything else. It sucks that you have only two weapons instead of more. In the first Bioshock game, you have more weapons to choose from. I don’t understand why the developers want us to have two weapons instead of more. The story in this game is confusing. You have to find a young girl named Elizabeth in Columbia. Elizabeth has the powers to open other worlds or different time periods (She’s a TARDIS!). Columbia is where you in this game. In Columbia, there are a bunch of racist Donald Trumps. When I got in Columbia, there was a white man who wanted to throw a baseball at a black woman. So, I threw it at the white man and got arrested. So, I fight back.


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Bioshock is a horror game and first person shooter as well. That make the game scare people more. In beginning of the game, you are on a airplane and the plane crashes down to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When you wake up out of the water, you see a lighthouse. You go to the lighthouse, walk into the lighthouse and you see a sign and it reads, “No God and No Kings. Just Man”.

After you are done reading the sign you go to a rounded submarine and you walk into the sub. You find an underwater city. The underwater city is named Rapture. When you are playing, the you will get spooked many times. There this one time when I played Bioshock for the first time, I got spooked when this person attacked me when the lights came back on. This game will turn off the lights often. You get some spacial powers in this game and you have guns, as well. To get the special powers you need to get some kind like blue goo tranquilizer, or whatever you call it.