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McHale’s Navy: He’s Under Siege and Out-of-Control.

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This is a movie remake of a very popular TV series from the early 1960s. While the show was set at a Navy base in the Pacific, this movie is in the fictional San Ysidro Islands in the Caribbean. Retired Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale (Tom Arnold) is enjoying his days in the sunny tropics by supplying the local and the sailors at the San Ysidro base with various items like homebrew, ice cream, and pin-up calenders. McHale lives on what seems to be more of a cay on his own with some farm animals, but all the locals love him, and the sailors can’t get enough of his “contraband” items. Well, things are about to change in San Ysidro, and not for the better. The pomopus Capt. Wallace B. Binghampton (Dean Stockwell) is coming to take over the base, along with his assistant, Lt. Penelope Carpenter (Debra Messing). Things are going to have to tighten up for the men at San Sid. The biggest goofballs in the U.S. Navy have been stationed here. The anal-retentive Ensign Charles Parker (David Alan Grier), ladies’ man Virgil (Bruce Campbell), electronics-hacking good ol’ boy Willie (Henry Cho), the big dumb jock Christy (Brian Haley), sly and sneaky Gruber (Danton Stone), and the biggest goofball to ever enlist, Happy (French Stewart).