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Runaway With The Circus

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you are lover of early 20th century nostalgia, or love Big Band music, this game is right up your alley. If not, then, at least let your grandparents know about it. Runaway With The Circus is a fum romp in the late 1930s Europe, just before the war, into a life that some of us have a little knowledge of, but have never seen with a good perspective.

We see this story through the eyes of Mathilde, a young woman who was down on her lucky during the Depression, and decided to leave Paris and search for her fortune in a new place. One morning, as she is waking from her campout, she hears the bustle of some quick construction going on. Her fortune has found her. The Big Top is going up before her eyes, and here is the job she has been searching for. The circus hires her to take care of the animals, at the bottom-most dung rung of the ladder, but hey, at least it is a job, and it more than she had an hour ago. From there, she travels Europe and works her way through the ranks, and we work our way through hidden object puzzles, and logic games as we learn about her work.