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Bella Design

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While Bella Design is pretty mediocre as far as sight and sound goes, it rocks on the fun factor, because you get so caught up in taking care of everyone from farm fashionistas to high-maintenance Hollywood glam celebs. You just want to keep going on with the storyline because you never know what will happen next.

While the regular gameplay is similar or other fashion time management games, the places you run the business at are not. You start in a country farming community, selling lots of Western wear. The pattern runs somewhat similar to other games at first. Move the customer to fittings, then accessories, then cash out, etc., lather, rinse, repeat. Every few levels, though, the game throws a little surprise at you, and there is a sale on at Bella’s Boutique. This is a fast dash for cash, but it really breaks up the monotony of the somewhat repetitive levels. Also, when you do switch areas, the game changes a little bit, so it never really gets boring. Hence the good value and fun factor scores. If you are wanting a fun fashion game, then Bella Design fits perfectly!