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Monument Builders: Titanic

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Every once awhile you run across a great builder game that gives you some insight to some of the world’s historical marvels. In Monument Builders :Titanic, this is truly the case. Now everyone knows how the fated ship was destroyed, and the epic movie is now even out on Blu-Ray 3D, which if you have a Real 3D television, would just be amazing to see. This little game takes us back four years before the iceberg, and the faulty rivets, and the rescue from Halifax to Belfast, where we are putting together a small fleet of ships that are going to amaze the world.

Though our focus is the Titanic, we are also getting information on the Britannic, and the Olympic, Titanic’s sister liners. So we are going to cut wood, mine ore, process resources, and fund our project in the shipbuilding town of Belfast from blueprint to voyage, and just forget about the future! The building of this great ship is in the here and now, and it is time to make sure we do it right.