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Beetlejuice – The Name In Laughter From The Hereafter

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The Maitlands are taking a well deserved vacation at home in Winter River, Connecticut but their real estate relative wants them to sell and is giving them nothing but grief because they don’t have a family yet. That is where we start the film and with a big fat creepy spider crawling on top of the model of their house that is in the attic. This is one of those films that people are either going to love or they are going to hate just because it is a Tim Burton film. Like all of his films it is filled with strangeness and creepy sounds and visuals that are intended to actually draw you more into the film in a way that you would not think possible. Once you see this film it is going to stick in your head forever and ever and ever and if your not careful it just might stick in your head forever more after that.