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The Wizard (1989) It’s more than a game…

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The-Wizard-1989-Movie-PosterIt’s the chance of a lifetime, as the poster says. It is also true for this film about 3 youths that are on a quest to get to Video Armageddon so that they can win $50,000 dollars. The film is more than just that, as most films from the 80’s, it is about the growth of friendships, dealing with heartache and loss as well. This film comes from a time where everything happening was new and people actually reveled in having fun. The gaming industry was young and everything 8 bit was the coolest thing under the sun. The film also gave a big boost to Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. 3, that was released after the move showed in the States. In all it was a fun film for kids and the parents that wondered what their children were doing all the time on that grey box hooked up to the TV.

RocketMan : One Man’s Dream… Is NASA’s Nightmare!

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Fred Z. Randall (Harland Williams), a geeky, obnoxious spacecraft designer, gets the chance to make his dream come true and travel to Mars as a member of the first manned flight there. There are lots of bumps along the way to Mars, and Randall’s misadventures with his crew and Mission Control team make RocketMan one of the funniest science-fiction films ever.

Fred still lives with his mother and father (Shelley Duvall and Gailard Sartain), and he has a great job as an engineer, but as the days in which the first manned mission to Mars are numbered, there seems to be a problem with the simulations the astronauts keep running into. They think there is glitch in the software, and track down Randall, the man whom designed the ship’s computer, to find out why.