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Rescue Team

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

The city of Islandville has been hit by a rash of freak storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the people who live there have their routes cut off by downed trees and rockslides. Bring in the Rescue Team! Your little band of rescue workers are going to go out and clear the way, rebuild homes, and get that chopper in the air to help those citizen that got trapped while searching for higher ground. You might even have to rescue some of your own Rescue Team workers as some of them have gotten trapped by debris and downed trees as well. Use the wood you find to rebuild homes, a sawmill, and beach cafe’s that provide your team with food to keep them going strong.

Cake Shop 2

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

It’s new and vastly improved, at least over it’s prequel. Cake Shop 2 is much more exciting, more visually stimulating, and even a bit easier to play than Cake Shop. We still have Emily, but now she is a bit less Barbie-doll looking, and she has a new partner. Emily’s friend, Frederico runs a tiki bar at the beach and is looking to get into a new venue. He is wanting to build a chain Cake Shops, and he wants Emily to get them started. We are still building the little three layer cakes with the fruit-gel fillings, adding the extras like coffees, sodas, candies, and juice, etc. With the improved graphics, Cake Shop 2 is more streamlined and smoother running. Taking in funds is easier, and we don’t have to keep tabs on Emily’s mood. Cake Shop 2 cafes take us to new places in town and at the beach. Cafes are now more open, and even though the pattern might change when you open a new store, it still runs much more smoothly. You might even want to try to figure out what those fruit gel centers are made from. Don’t, it’s only pixels, and they most likely don’t taste all that good. Go brew you up some coffee, and enjoy Cake Shop 2.