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Sniglet of the Day : July 19

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Sniglet Of The Daybargarcs (BAR jarks) – n. The streaks on a car’s windshield from faulty wipers

It’s a rainy summer day, but not so much that the water is coming down in droves, but enough to make you have to turn on the wipers on, and this is when you realise that it is time to get new wiper blades. If you run these worn-out wipers for much longer, they will cause bargarcs, and then seeing out that windshield even on a sunny day will be difficult. A trip to the local discount or auto supply store is on demand immediately, because the rain might get worse. It might be worth the few minutes standing in the rain to prevent the bargarcs from happening by changing out those wiper blades. If that is a newer model vehicle you are driving, then most definitely take that step to prevent the bargarcs. A few dollars and minutes now will be worth not replacing a windshield later. Go a step further and get under a canopy of sorts at the gas station and apply a protective glass coat, like Rain-X. It is worth the few extra dollars to be entertained by the drops of water rolling upwards on the glass, and your prevention of bargarcs is now foolproof.