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Sniglet of the DAy : July 18

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Sniglet Of The DayWaftic (wahf’ tik) – adj. Describes any person in whose direction campfire or barbeque smoke always blows.

Perhaps you know or are some poor sap whom is waftic. Summer seems to be miserable season for the waftic, and maybe autumn, as well. The smoky air seems to love you, and even though you might be the only person who gets to smell like barbequed ribs for hours after dinner, the grit and dust that gets into your eyes really is not worth it. Though, ladies, wearing the scent of grilled meats, especially those seasoned with bacon, might bring men to you in droves faster than anything created in a Paris perfumery. Once the smoke clears from the barbeque or bonfire, your misery might end for some time, until it’s time for another cook-out or pep rally. It is difficult not to turn down these fun events, but if you are waftic, good luck getting through them. When your friends and family see the blackened tears streaking down your face even though you are laughing and eating and having a great time, they might show some concern, or they might think you just wore some kind of cheap eye-liner. They might not know about your magnetic attraction for smoke, but use these events as opportunities to find out what has a magnetic attraction for them. Outdoor summer fun can attract much more than smoke from a grill or bonfire. Waftic people might be the only ones not getting bit by the many various insects that love barbeques, too.