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Sniglet of the Day : November 19

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Sniglet Of The DayKidoozled (ki-doo-zuld) adj. Used to describe parents who erroneously assume that other people find the pranks of their offspring as charming as they do.

Some children really have their parents kidoozled, and these people who spawned them think they are the cutest and funniest things ever when they take toilet paper to the neighbor’s trees, or drop firecrackers down the commodes at school. What a hoot! The victims of such little pranks aren’t so amused, and if the little pranksters keep coming up with more elaborate schemes, the kidoozled parents may soon find themselves having to come up with cash for bail, damages, or worse, a lawyer. Some kids can only have so much fun, but when little pranks cross the lay of the law, and safety can sometimes be an issue, being kidoozled can stop pretty fast right at the entrance to juvie hall. So, let the little ones have their fun, but make sure it’s good, clean and safe, and it can even be dirty if it includes pets and mud, but make sure they leave the eggs, toilet paper, and firecrackers at home.