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Sniglet of the Day : October 21

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Sniglet Of The DaySHMIDDLE: noun The hole in the center of a bagel. “The cream cheese was oozing out from the shmiddle.”

For those who like a little bagel with their cream cheese, we now know the term of you favourite part of the bagel. The shmiddle is that part where all the soft gooey goodness collects into a circle of cheesy flavour that is just too good to let go. If you get one of those fast food bagel breakfast sandwiches, there is even more to love about the shmiddle. All that bacon, or steak, or ham, and eggs and cheese is there open to the elements, with no bagel to protect it from you next bite, and oh! What a bite it is! Enjoy the shmiddle, even though the technique for making bagels is what put it there. The shmiddle is simply the hole put there to pull the bagel dough from the boiling pot of water it floats in for a minute before being dusted with onions or garlic or poppy seeds, and baked. They make the bagel experience so worth it.