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World of Warcraft

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

People said World of Warcraft is better than Guild Wars, Call of Duty and Soul Calibur. Well, I played it for half hour and there’s one thing I have to say. What the hell I’m looking at here? The problem in this game is that the graphics sucks, everything look cartoony, the gameplay is pretty bad, and a bunch of players are being buttheads.

The first problem is the graphics. The graphics are awful. Blizzard needs to update the graphics. This 2013 not 2004. Back in 2004 the graphics were pretty good, but today the graphics need update. I’ve seen Call of Duty and Soul Calibur have better graphics than this, and Guild Wars has better have better graphics than this. Guild Wars was a year around after World of Warcraft. Guild Wars is still better than World of Warcraft. The second problem is everything looks to cartoony. If this a RPG game,it should be a anime game. Guild Wars characters look anime and I like it, but World of Warcraft does not look like anime. It look like one of those shows on cartoon network. I don’t like Cartoon Network any more since they put a bunch of stupid shows on there, but not Star Wars Clone Wars. Star Wars Clone Wars is not on Cartoon Network any more. I heard it is going on Disney XD.

Bird Pirates

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This marble popper had some graphic problems. The text was hard to read, and it seemed rather blurred when played at full screen. Maybe Bird Pirates was supposed to be played in Windowed mode only, but I played it at full screen anyway. In this game, instead of launching your “marbles”, in this case, birds, into the chain to make a match 3 or bigger along the chute, you launch the bird to replace another on the chute. The dread blue jay bird pirate, Sparrow, and his crew are taking over a busy port and looking for treasure just outside of town. So, Bird Pirates has a storyline, along with many challenging puzzles that will make you giggle as you shoot the birds from the chutes using various tools, like bombs and shooting cannons. The score for the fun factor is accurate, and if you can get past the bad graphics, this is a really cute game. When the birds are on slow mode they slow down to a crawl. On stop mode, they fall asleep, until the get a rude awakening from another bird knocking them off the wire. This game was listed as a marble popper, but might have been great also as a kid’s game, because it will keep the little ones in giggling fits for quite some time, not unlike the scene from Dude, Where’s My Car? when they are ordering food from the drive-thru at the Chinese restaurant. Bird Pirates is pretty cute, and those chutes that weave in and out along the screen make for a great challenge, too. Take a chance for some swashbuckling fun with Sparrow’s crew in the marble-popping game, Bird Pirates.