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Royal Gems

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

When it comes to match 3 games, Royal Gems pretty much follows the typical line pattern, like in Magic Match, but before you do ANYTHING with this game, log into the options menu and turn the background music OFF. This will make it much easier to play the game, and you will not find yourself falling to sleep due to a far too relaxing drone of a repetitive tune. Now, get on into the game. You will be matching up icons that look like different kinds of gems, rubies, topaz, sapphires, emeralds, and such. You are given a specific task per puzzle. You need to find so many of a certain kind of stone, and sometimes, find different patterns of line links of gems.

Season Match 2

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

The wizards and enchantresses that rule over the seasons and months are back, in Season Match 2, and this time, it is Prince January that is giving everyone a hard time. Again, a member if the colder climate times is wanting to hold the land hostage under an icy rule, but the Snow Queen has learned her lesson, and is going to undermine his actions. We are allied with Princess April, the niece of the Snow Queen, as she guides along to the castles of the other nobles to lesson January’s grip on his allies.