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Sniglet of the Day : June 14

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Sniglet Of The Day Philopologist (fil ah pahl’ ah jist) – n. A specialist who loads people onto amusement rides.

Many of us are lining up at the theme parks these days, and we will run into many philopologists along the way, from the double-decker buses, that carry you around the park, from the rollercoaster in the back to the flume rides and more. The operators of these fun machines make sure your seatbelts and safety bars are locked down tight, and secure your backpacks and purses while you take that wild two minute right, in which there is always the possibility of losing your hat, glasses, or jewelry if it not secure. These are the people who make sure that your kid may or may not be tall enough to ride, and if they are not, send Mom and Dad to the “baby swap” area. so both parents can have their world turned upside down, literally. Philopologists are usually paid a pittance for all the crap they put up with from angry tourists, and those who chose to dine on nachos and beer before riding a gut-wrenching coaster or other intense ride. So, just like the servers whom work at the parks’ better restaurants, or those maintenance guys who everyone blames for the rides being broken when it might just be a small technical issue, maybe we should just give them a bit more appreciation in providing us with some great entertainment instead. Someday, we might be working in their place, or maybe our kids might be. So reconsider before going off half-cocked on the philopologists. Your bad theme park experience might just be the result of too much sunshine and overindulgence in all that rich, and usually, greasy food.