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Cradle of Persia

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

As much as I really enjoyed Cradle of Egypt, I loved Cradle of Persia so much more. The music was much more upbeat, and the puzzles where divided into groups according to the timeline of the development of the Persian Empire. Why this nation was never used in the old Sierra city building games is a mystery to me. The match 3 puzzle grids use a snake-like line this time rather than an icon switch, and we are given new kinds of tools. Large and small dynamite bombs, magic wands, treasure gems, and other things to help you collect the the things needed to build your town. Your resources are food, gold, bricks, milk, and other very basic things that keep you moving on up through the timeline to one of the most powerful nations of the ancient world. So not all match 3 games are the same, and Cradle of Persia proves that. There are two more games in the Cradle of series by Avem Studios I’ve yet to try, but I think these came out before Persia. It will very interesting to see how these work. If they are as much fun as Cradle of Persia, then I may be collecting the whole of the set. Stick around to Musings to find out what Avem Studios has in store for us.

Cradle of Egypt

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Take some ancient history that’s a little off, a match 3 grid, and some logic puzzles, and you get Cradle of Egypt. We are now building a town in Lower Egypt, enjoying the green fields of Kemet as the river rises, and leaves us with some amazingly rich soil to plant… tomatoes? Sorry, guys, but tomatoes are a New World fruit, and the Egyptians never had ’em, unless some Atlanteans or Ancient Aliens brought them a pizza.