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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

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Turok Dinosaur Hunter is an old classic Nintendo 64 game. You are playing as a warrior from the present time and stopping the dinosaur army from killing the human race. In this game you have eight levels to do and to unlock to the levels you need to find the key stones to unlock the levels. Later on in the game you will be fighting some bosses. The bosses in-game will sometimes be easy and sometimes will be hard. Turok Dinosaur Hunter is a first-person shooter game and in this game your are not looking down the scope of a gun. In this game, there is no aim assist. You have to shoot from far away. It is like Quake, in that you can not aim down through a gun scope. In this game, you have weapons from humans and some weapons from aliens. The weapons in this game are a knife, tech bow, automatic shotgun, chronoscepter, fusion cannon, grenade launcher, mini-gun, particle accelerator, pistol, plasma rifle, pump shotgun, and quad rocket launcher. In this game, you have to find a save-point to save your game data. You have number of lives in this game. If you die so many times, and use up your number of lives, that’s it, GAME OVER. But you can start again from where you saved last. This game is really much harder than today’s first-person shooters. So, if you want to play very hard first- person shooter game, or enjoy old school games with a challenge as Nintendo 64 made in the past, play Turok Dinosaur Hunter. If you want to learn about the Turook series play, Turok:Evolution or read the Turok comic books.