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Sniglet of the Day : June 11

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Sniglet Of The DayCopalysis (kahp-al-uh-sis) n. Determining that a police car is lurking somewhere and automatically slowing your car down.

While there are some countries, and even some states that have the Autobahn, or Autobahn-like interstates, most do not, and the paranoid feeling of copalysis will set in along the way. You could be taking the whole clan across the country to a theme park and resort, or just on the outerbelt expressway around your town, but for some reason, you will sense a speeding ticket coming your way if you do not slow down. It could be the Highway Patrol, the county or parish sheriff’s deputies, or even the the local city cops, but for some reason, like spider sense, you know they are there. There might be a nice hiding space along the freeway where they like to run their radar guns, but every local resident knows where it is at. Those tourists who think they can rule the road from their huge SUV’s might not be so lucky. It sort of made sense to do this back in the day, when the speed limit was 55 from coast to coast, but as we see states taking back the freedom of the open road, having set speed limits of 70+ might make Copalysis less likely to be needed, but lightening up on that gas pedal might be worth those few extra second of driving time in so many ways.