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Incarnations of Immortality – With A Tangled Skein

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The third book in the Incarnations of Immortality series written by Piers Anthony takes us on a journey of discovery and wonder and shows just how tangled the web of fate can truly be. In With a Tangled Skein, Fate is actually three people all living in just one body. Clotho, the maiden, the spinner of threads, the one who makes the thread of life. Once a month she goes into the void to retrieve the purest of materials to make her strands. Only she is able to go there of the three aspects. Some of the other Incarnations can but seldom do, the one that she does encounter stands in her way. Lachesis is the weaver of the tapestry of time. It is her job to take the threads that have been measured and then place them into the tapestry so that people can be born into the world. She can also tweak the weave to unravel kinks that always seem to happen at the worst times in history. In this way she is able to make sure that life continues on as it should. The third aspect of Fate is that of Atropos, she is the one who measures and cuts the threads that Clotho weaves and Lachesis weaves into the tapestry. Without them there would be no life as we know it.