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The Timebuilders : Pyramid Rising

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Hatshetput, or Queen Hattie, as they call her in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising might have been the Queen of the Nile, but she is no means the Queen of Denial when it comes to getting her war-torn country back in shape to prevent Ra’s wrath from causing Egypt to become a land of permanant night. With the help of her best friend, architect Senemut, we are going to make Egypt shine brighter than ever buy building sweet little villas with gardens, that can be rented for a higher price, search for treasure, pay off nomads, and build more efficient quarries to bring a new and improved asthetic to the Two Kingdoms. We might even shake, literally, down a few thieves along the way. And when we please our boss, Senemut, our workers will do a little dance to the song, “Walk Like an Egyptian”. These little building games become more and more fun as you play them and The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising is no different, and gives is a fun, light look at Queen Hattie and how she influenced the Two Kingdoms of Egypt during her reign. This is one of the most fun games based on Egypt that I have played in a long time, and the dancing workers and tax collectors at the end of each level gave me a good laugh every time. Take some time for some ancient fun with Queen Hattie and her court in The Timebuilders : Pyramid Rising.