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Hitman: Codename 47

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Hitman: Codename 47 is the first Hitman game, not the 4th game. My friends think this game is the 4th game. This game is only for the PC, not consoles. This game about a clone named 47. 47 is an assassin getting paid to kill people. Whenever you finish a mission, you will get paid. You can use that money to buy ammo, but not upgrade weapons. I wish I can upgrade weapons in this game. It would cool if they did. This game came out the same year when the PS2 came out. The graphics in this game are pretty good for a old game. I know it look like N64 game, but it looked good back then. If it was on the console, it would be on the N64. That’s just the way the graphics look.

Azumi – From the ravages of war rises the ultimate assassin

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Azumi-2003-DVD-InsertFrom the directer of Godzilla: Final Wars and producer of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, bring you a samurai assassin movie you will enjoy. The movie is called Azumi. Azumi is young girl who is trained to be a assassin. In her beginning of the story, her mother died out in the desert. She was a little girl at the time when her mother died. There were a group of samurai who had kids that lost their family as well. The samurai raises Azumi, and all her life is her master. Azumi made friends with them. When she got older, her master want her to not be weak. The master wants Japan to be peaceful nation. So Azumi and her friends must help the master to bring Japan to peace. Could they do it? Find out when you are watching this movie.

Mr & Mrs Smith

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Two completely average and normal seeming individuals come together and then get bored with it all. They have been married a few years and now both can’t seem to stand each other and yet need each other so they can seem normal to the rest of the world. It is that normalcy that is required so that no one knows what it is that they actually do. The funniest part of it all is that neither of them know what the other really does either. Talk about keeping secrets in a marriage.

John Smith (Brad Pitt) is a construction contractor and very successful at it, at least that is what everyone thinks. In reality he is an assassin for hire that will not let anything stop him from reaching his target. Money and personal morals are his guide to what jobs he will and will not do. Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) is a top female executive and travels a lot for her company, at least that is what everyone thinks. In reality she is an assassin for hire that will not let anything stop her from reaching his target. For the longest time no one suspected what they really were till the agencies that they contracted for found out and decide to put a stop to it in a most unique way. They will have them kill each other.

Review: The American

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Yesterday, I had an urge to bake some Maple Shortbread cookies, which would have been a much better use of the hour and a half I spent watching The American. This slow-moving tale of yet another assassin on the run from his past and his job has put me off from these types of movies for a bit. What started this trend anyway? No wonder I’m really preferring family movies any more!

Oh yes, beautiful sweeping vistas of Northern Italy abound, and you are dropped into the culture of the region very well, but if I wanted to watch a Conde Nast travel log, I would have. It would have been far more entertaining.

Review: Guild Wars Factions

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Guild Wars Factions
Fun Factor:★★★★¾ 

Guild Wars Factions is the 2nd installment on and the sequel to the award wining MMO Guild Wars Prophecies. This game takes place at the same time as when characters reach the burnt and ruined city of Ascalon after the Charr invasion. This extension of the game gives a whole new depth and feeling to the game that it never had before. You might even say it was the best Guild Wars titles of the 3 main storylines that involve the minions of Abaddon, the god of Secrets.