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Life Of A Designer And Creator

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Very few think about the life of a designer or that of a creator, and I am not necessarily talking about the gods or any one particular god. In this article I am talking about myself and other that can relate to what I am saying here. The one main think I can say is that we are all, designers and creators, taken for granted. I guess you could say that about the gods as well but lets stick to the mortal realm and not the divine in this posting. Though you could say that all design and creation is divine in one way or another which makes the pain we fell so much the worse.

So, Am I making any sense to you yet? Do you still not see the pain that we endue, that I endure?

Turbo Subs

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is the second installment of the Turbo series from Oberon Games, and it it is far superior to the first in many ways. Rebecca and Robert have gotten out of town to a Big Apple vacay to visit with Rebecca’s rich aunt Rhonda, whom sets them up with a new challenge and an old subway car. She was so impressed with their success with Turbo Pizza, that now they are running Turbo Subs!They are now in a service on the go sub shop, and the customers are far different from the ones they met at home. Artists, businesspeople, tourists, street musicians and more are riding the trains all day long, and are very pleased to have such a tasty surprise on their train, but that is not all!