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My Kingdom for the Princess

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

After a huge storm tears up the kingdom with a massive tornado, and the same storm awakens an angry red dragon, the Princess Helen must get home to her own realm to check in on her sick father, King Olbert, before he gets worse. A brave knight, Arthur, is appointed to escort the princess home, but that is going to take some doing. The storm has toppled trees and broken bridges, and the waters in the swamps have risen. Just about every village and hamlet along the way is wrecked, so it will take Arthur and his team of workers to fix everything along the way. This is going to be one very long trip home.

King Arthur Extended Unrated Version Directors Cut

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The film is promoted as “The untold story that inspired the legend” and from the way that the story unfold you can see that in this movie. This is not just another rehash of the legends of Arthur and has sword Excalibur but a version that would be closer to the actual truth of how King Arthur came to be. We don’t have all of the mystical musings of a fevered Christian mind but a telling that is based in part by archaeological findings. The film is entertaining, fun to watch and is suitable for the whole family to see. It is true that there are some horrific parts in the film that might not be for the very young but it is not gruesome as some films are now days.

Arthur And The Invisibles

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Worldwide, except for the US and UK, this film has entertained and delighted viewers. It really is a heart warming story about a young boy of 10 finding that the world really is full of magic if you know where to look. Even with the dumbified version for coddled UK and US kiddies it is still a good film as long as you are not trying to be a film PhD tear apart critic. When reviewing a film you really should see the film and not just go by everything else that might have been read or seen. The film does actually flow well, for the most part and even the choppy parts are interesting enough to not take away from the story. The film is enjoyable to watch as it leads you through a wonderful world that is full of magic and little people. It is a classic good versus evil to get the girl kind of movie that the whole family can and will enjoy.