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Sniglet of the Day : January 12

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Splattergoria adj. To decorate the walls of a movie set in a splatter art fashion using the blood of ones target, commonly seen in anime, horror and action movies, and videogames featuring vampires or zombies.

This sniglet is a term that has never really been used up until now, but with more and more media outlets using bloody splatter art style in their productions, it is amazing that it has not shown up until now. This art style has been seen in the Bloodrayne games, movies like Death Race, and many animes like Hellsing, Samurai X, and many titles involving very sharp katanas, ninja-tos, and ninjas in general. This also account to the fact that in anime, the human body has as least 12 gallons of blood, constantly pulsing throughout the body at extremely high pressure, but unlike the anime tear ducts, blood will not cause a whole street to flood, just to splatter around the immediate area whenever a character gets cut. Death Race 2 had one of the better Splattergoria moments near the end when an extremely ambitious TV exec finds herself to become part of the art movement as a part of revenge. I guess she should have stayed with Slytherin House, because the muggle world was not ready for a witch like her.