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Apple Pie

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

There are many match 3 games out with restaurant themes, and this one is pretty much one of the more boring of the bunch. The graphics were a bit stretched at first, but it seems that this game was meant to be played in Windowed mode, because once I switched it out from full screen, it worked much faster and looked much better.

Apple Pie is not a cooking sim, but a match 3 restaurant management game in which you play a post-grad woman that gets a job from your rich crazy cat lady aunt who decides that you must run her new restaurant since the management staff there does not get along with her cat (eh?). So, apparently, the arrogant little furball needs to de-stress, and Auntie is going to take him on a European vacation. IN the time they are away, you have to run the business and redecorate the place with upgrades and furnish your chefs with new recipes.