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Guild Wars 2 Second Beta Weekend

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June 8th through June 10th saw the second beta weekend for Guild Wars 2. While there were many stops and starts for the weekend it has been turning out quite well. Any time there has been a game breaking or client breaking problem the Live Team for Guild Wars 2 has been right there to get it fixed as quick as possible. If only other games were as quick to get patches into there games. ArenaNet and their team should be commended for the way that they have been looking after the game and any problems that might come up. With the testing that they are doing it is sure to be one hell of an opening day when Guild Wars 2 or GW2 goes live for the world to see.

Review: Guild Wars Nightfall

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Guild Wars Nightfall
Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

Guild Wars Nightfall is the 3rd addition to the Guild Wars family. This edition takes place in a dryer climate then the previous editions, it takes place in a setting that is more like the sands of Africa and Persia. It is a real change from what you have seen before and as the other 2 are stand alone or can be played together if you have them all. All 3 have quests to get you back and forth between them so that you can enjoy the content from them all.

Guild Wars Nightfall takes place at the same time as Factions and the stories are interconnected. Abaddon, the God Of Secrets wants out and he is coming trough in the lands of Elona which are comprised of Istan, Kourna and Vabbi. Abaddon has the unknowing help from the leader of Istan, the knowing help of the leader of Kourna and the willing help of his followers the Margonites. It is the players job to make sure that Abbadon and his followers fail.