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Antique Road Trip 2 : Homecoming

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

Antique Road Trip 2 : Homecoming is fun slice of Americana type of game that was clearly created by the developers that gave us the Amazing Adventures hidden object games. Unlike those, this hidden object game has a fun backstory, and is upbeat and cheery. James and Grace Anderson and the kids have come on vacation to Montana to visit with
Grace’s parents. Just when they thought they could take a break from running the antique shop back home, the folks bring up a another antique business opportunity, and Grace, with your help, goes from Montana, to Wisconsin, to Louisiana to pick items for the new store. She even takes along a new puppy, which you get to choose the breed of, to help her sniff out great deals. Along with the regular hidden objects, there are other mini-games, like Match 3 puzzles, and other kinds of puzzles to keep your mind active. Though not one of the best or brightest of casual games I have come across, it has its charm, and is worth the time you would put into the game play for the rewards. Antique Road Trip 2 : Homecoming is bright and fun, and great for casual gaming and antique enthusiasts. I look forward to trying out Antique Road Trip USA very soon.