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Sniglet of the Day : January 23

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Eddihate – v. To turn off the stereo or television set when a Crazy Eddie commercial appears.

As it is the weekend, and much of the better TV viewing or radio shows come on during these times, it seemed it was time to bring up the subject of Eddihate. Eddihate has gone beyond the simple Crazy Eddie style commercial. We used to hit the mute button when that annoying guy from Allied Discount Tires or whatever local business owner with the overly loud and obnoxious voice would come on. That was just one local guy, and his ads would usually run during newshour reports, or late night. Sometimes his ads might be on the radio as well, but if you were lucky enough to get one of those stations that ran 5-hour music marathons, you could avoid Crazy Eddie altogether if you timed your listening time properly. There’s a new kind of Eddithate now, and it goes farther than any Crazy Eddie ads ever did. Now its hate for just about any prescription drug that they might make an ad for, any kind of male enhancement potion, call it what you will, and other VERY LOUD ADS! that are naught but ear spam. Congress and the FCC might even be helping regular media viewers take on their Eddihate, but till we have to stop using our mute buttons, keep on hating the Crazy Eddie ads, because they aren’t crazy any more, they are infinitely insane!Sniglet Of The Day