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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

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With all the pop culture focus on Stephanie Meyer’s vampires, it seems that Anne Rice’s far more scary, yet classy vamps have been forgotten, but maybe it is time to dig them back up, so to speak. In 1994, we were treated to a horror epic featuring the talents of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and a very young Kirsten Dunst. Interestingly, her performance as the perpetual child vampire, Claudia, was one of her best performances, but back to the story.

Queen of the Damned : This time there are no interviews.

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I read first three book of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles back in the 1980s, and this movie adaptation was far superior to the first movie from the series, but it was more of a melding of the second and third book. Back in the 80s, vampires did not sparkle. Sure they were easy on the eyes, and very charming from a mortal’s POV, but in Rice’s world, it was a whole other world normal people could not be privy to.

In this tale, Lestat (Stuart Townsend) is back in his favourite home town of New Orleans, and the the city has grown up around him while he slept. He woke to hear music, and after quenching his thirst on a wharf drug dealer, he follows the sound and finds it is coming from his old home. A goth punk band has taken up residence in the antebellum house, and Lestat can’t get enough of this new beat. Off the bat, no pun intended, he tells them exactly who and what he is, thus breaking a centuries- old code that vampires around the world are bound to. He is tired of living in shadows, and wants to rule the night, if not with his charms, then through music and technology.