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Heavenly Sword

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heavenly_swordHeavenly Sword is really good. The graphics are really great and as the game play as well. This game is about a woman name Nariko wield the sword call heavenly sword and use the destroy the evil king Bohan. Some of these character you see in this game look like Hollywood actors. Anna Torv is playing Nariko. She played in a show called Fringe. I never headed about that show. Andy Serkis is playing King Bohan and he played in The Lord of the Rings and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This game makes you keep on playing the game. This is one of the epic fantasy I ever played. This game is something to enjoy. The graphics in this game looks really real life. I love what they did to graphics in this game. The people who made this game took them 5 years to make this game. This game was going to on the XBOX 360 but, instead they put the Play Station 3. I like it on the Play Station 3 because Play Station 3 have better graphics than the XBOX 360. The gameplay look really good. When you are playing this you will play another character named Kai.