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Sniglet of the Day : March 20

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Sniglet Of The Day Oohgooze -that sugary unidentifiable ooze that comes out of fine chocolates that have been squished when someone was trying to look for their favourite fillings, or avoid the fillings they hate.

Well, I’m sure that everyone who was lucky enough to receive Valentines chocolates has most likely devoured them by now, and is looking forward to fine candies is pastel boxes to be devoured at Easter. All holiday, not even holiday chocolates, with the exception of maybe Halloween candies, have this in common. The oohgooze. That shiny, sugary liquid that spills out from the chocolate creams and truffles of chocolates that do not have labels on the bottom of their package to let you know what you might be getting into. There might be some antilixic people out there, doing their best to stay away from licorice or anisette fillings. There might be someone who just can’t get enough caramel or coconut. Once the oohgooze has been revealed, they might actually take what they were looking for, or leave it for someone who likes what they despise. The oohgooze is not really as important as what contains it. That is the reason you encountered the oohgooze in the first place. Here’s hoping that every oohgooze you encounter will be the ones you love.