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Attack on Titan (2013-TV) Season 1

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244585-attack-on-titan-attack-on-titan-cover-artThe great thing about anime is that it is a limitless genre, and just about anything can happen in it. Anywhere, any time, past, future, parallel worlds, contemporary pop culture, you name it. Oddly, considering the title of this series, you would expect a tale about the Greek gods and their enemies and ancestors, but this has nothing to do with ancient history. Attack on Titan is set in a dystopian future about 2000 years from now. The technology has devolved back to steampunk tech, and things look pretty much like they did in the mid 19th century. Right there the similarities stop. This world is nothing like ours is, because there is a new, bold enemy against humanity, and they make any of history’s megalomaniacs look like bully kids on the playground.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

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gundam seedMobile Suit Gundam Seed is one if the best animes I like to watch. I used to watch this anime on Cartoon Network, but they don’t run this anime any more. Now I watch it on DVD. I wish it was in HD. That would look better. This anime looks way better than the original Mobile Suit Gundam. This anime is similar to the original, but there more Gundams in this anime instead one Gundam. This is not Earth Federation vs. Zeon any more. It’s Earth Force vs. ZAFT.

This anime is about two humans and two different races. They are the Naturals and Coordinators. Naturals are live on Earth and the Coordinators are live in the space colonies. They do act like politicians over there in Washington D.C., but they are way worse (as if!). This anime set in the Bloody Valentine War. The Naturals develop a new type of mobile suit, but the Coordinators went steal those new types from the Naturals. They steal all the new types, except for one. A boy, Kira Yamato, went inside that mobile suit and fight to protect his friends. He is a Coordinator, but he betrayed his own race. He has a sister, Cagalli Yula Athha. Cagalli never thought Kira was her brother until later on. Kira has his best friend, Athrun Zala. Athrun gave a robot bird to Kira. You will see that bird alot in this anime.

High School of the Dead

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highschool of the deadHigh School of the Dead is like The Walking Dead meets Call of Duty. I never watched The Walking Dead series before but, I played alot of Call of Duty, though. This anime about 5 of these high school students, a school nurse, and a little girl are trying to survive from a zombie apocalypse. These people are named are Takashi, Rei, Saeko, Saya, Kohta, Shizuka, and Alice. Takashi is a high school student who didn’t care about anything. When the zombie apocalypse got started, he changed his life.

Rei is a high school student who got good grades and broke up with Takashi. She got back with him when the zombie apocalypse got started. Saeko is member of the Ken-do club and she pretty good with ken-do. Saya is smart high school student. She were glasses and she gets blood on her clothes. Her dad is leader of the Takagi family. I think her dad need to fix Washington’s mess. She is in love with Kohta. Kohta is gun freak. When the zombie apocalypse got started, he starting to live with guns, loves killing zombies, and is in love with Saya. In his normal life, he was a gamer who loved playing Call of Duty 24/7. No wander he loves guns so much.

Sailor Moon

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Sailor_Moon_(1st_uniform)Sailor Moon is one of first animes I ever watched. I watched it when I was a little kid. When I would come home from school, Sailor Moon was on. I still watch it today and it is one of my favorite animes to watch.

I like this anime because it is a superhero show, and I like the girls running around miniskirts on. I like those girls, but I wish they where a little bit older instead of fourteen. These girls in this anime are fourteen years old, but they look 20 years old. This anime is about a young teenage girl named Serena, but in Japan, her name is Usagi (rabbit). She is awful at just about everything, gets bad grades at school, loves playing video games, loves to read comic books, and likes to eat sweets. I am surprised that she doesn’t get fat at all.

Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This fast paced time management game has you running Amelie’s Cafe just before Christmas. You have to keep the customers happy, the elfin gnomes feed and the cooking area clean and get it all done before time runs out. This would be a fun addition to anyone’s collection of run your own restaurant games that are out there today. This one is not as cartoonie as the others but instead has sexy, yes sexy anime type characters that are fun to look at and watch as they go in and out of the cafe. You only have so much time and you have to keep track of EVERYTHING at once so make sure that you are up to the task before playing this game.