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Sniglet of the Day: October 10

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Sniglet Of The Day Ejoculation – n.The way a man’s eyes behave when he stares wildly at something of his interest (e.g. car, woman).

Males are such funny creatures, especially the human ones. They are pretty much visually wired, and pretty easy to entertain, with a few exceptions of those whom think they can rise above the rest. Even these guys will give into ejoculation. From beautifully crafted European speed machines, to wonderfully sculpted curves on a model or actress, or maybe even a cute anime girl, when their eyes get a bit bigger and brighter, like that of a tom cat stalking a fertile queen, you know something is not going to break them from their ocular trance. Sometimes you might get a bunch of them looking that way at the same thing at the same time. This is the chance most females, animals, or very young males can use to make their break, or set up some good practical jokes while these guys are glued to their pretty diversions. The tricks can be anything from putting salt in the sugar shakers to tying their shoelaces together, or whatever kind of humourous havoc Loki might compel us to do. Sometimes, guys, it pays to keep your eyes from the prize.